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Tour Title Picturesque Cochrane Street, Port Perry- Walking Tour
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Adams_House_2001.png David Adams Residence The original building had a smaller verandah with a curved sloping roof and elaborate gingerbread decorations. The roof was adorned with two chimneys and an ornate belvedere, or “widow’s walk” on the roof. The belvedere was full height and had three windows at the front and rear and two at each side with a small fenced deck around it. The belvedere and chimneys were later removed. The house still maintains the original frame structure with its unusual double brackets at the eaves and the full-length provincial doors either side of the front door. The present day verandah with its second level walk-out is wider and is extended to the south. This, combined with the attractive landscaping, gives the house an even larger and more elegant appearance. Street View only Click here to show map location
H.L_Ebbels_Residence.png H.L. Ebbels Residence Mr. Ebbels’ built this Cochrane Street home with the front of the house facing south rather than the street itself. A generous verandah with columns and rail spindles of a much more modern design than the original house, surrounds the front entrance. The roof brackets are barely noticeable thus giving emphasis to the decorative brickwork around the windows. Mr. Ebbels lived with his wife Effie in the their beautiful home until 1911, when his health began to turn. Click here to show map location
Bigelow_Residence.png Joseph Bigelow Residence The Bigelow house remains as one of the finest and best preserved examples of domestic Italianate architecture in Ontario. Street View only Click here to show map location
Jeffery_House.png Sam Jeffrey Residence This property was described in the Ontario Observer, as being beautifully situated and providing an excellent view of the Port, Lake Scugog and Island. Siebe and Mary Rekker, who are the present owners of this attractive property. The Rekkers have extensively restored this home maintaining many of the original features and the attractive leaded glass transoms. They also had the yellow brick treated in order to restore it to its original appearance. One of the many notable features of this home is the upper floor verandah extending over the driveway. This was not an original feature of the house but was added when the house was about twenty years old. The front door was also remodelled at this time, eliminating the small, enclosed entrance porch. Street View only   Click here to show map location
The_Carnegie_Residence.png The Carnegie Residence This property is another of the attractive areas along Cochrane St. The home was built in 1869 was not large or overly elaborate, compared to many of the homes that followed along Cochrane St. The original house was constructed with two storeys, both floors about 26’x34’ in size. It was built on a stone foundation which had a walkout from the basement to the adjoining lot. It featured a small porch facing onto Cochrane St., which was enlarged to the entire width of the house at some later date. Also added on after the original house was built was a 15’x10’ sunroom facing south, with a trap door leading to a cold storage area; and a two storey summer kitchen 22’x18’, with a woodshed to the west of the kitchen. The two lots were developed into an attractive property lined by a picket fence and many trees. Another addition to the original house was a set of French doors leading to a small balcony off one of the bedrooms on the second floor. In June 1920, the house was sold to David Carnegie, son of one of Port Perry’s leading citizens, James Carnegie. David and his brother Arthur operated the family business which included a flour and grist mill, planing mill, saw mill and lumber yard for many years. Street View only   Click here to show map location
Dryden_Residence.png The Dryden Residence Mr. Dryden, was a resident of Brooklin, and it wasn’t until the spring of 1881 that he began work on constructing a magnificent home. The design of his house was similar to Mr. Bigelow’s elaborate Italianate residence, although not quite as large. Like the Bigelow house, Mr. Dryden’s new yellow brick home featured a three-storey tower in front, a porch trimmed with elaborate gingerbread and dozens of large arched windows. The original verandah was much smaller and far more decorative. The absence of railings on the original verandah gave emphasis to the attractive gingerbread trim at the top of the pillars. The substantial new verandah now extends around the corner of the south wall and beyond it.   Click here to show map location
Tate_Residence.png The Tate Residence This large, yellow brick home, located at 258 Cochrane Street, was built about 1874 by William Tate, a successful Port Perry businessman. Ken and Maureen Shore have purchased this restored home and are the current owners. This impressive home is another example of the many built of yellow brick during the 1870’s and 1880’s. Originally a belvedere or “widow’s watch” adorned the roof but this was removed early in the twentieth century and replaced by a flat roof. The roof is supported by very large brackets.These brackets are doubled at each angle in the walls. The windows throughout are sashed and single paned with semicircular tops. The ornately decorated verandah originally protruded further to permit its extension to the edge of the east-facing bay. Street View only   Click here to show map location
Wilcox_Residence.png William Wilcox Residence The yellow brick home has a mansard roof, a design developed in France in the 1600’s and later copied in North America. The design was developed in order to provide more living space on the upper level than the conventional gable roof. A few homes were built in Port Perry using this design but this is the only remaining Victorian example. Over the years a number of changes have been made to the home. On the north-west wall, changes in the brickwork surrounding the kitchen window can be clearly seen and the wall markings of the original wrap-around verandah on the west wing of the house can still be seen. That original verandah has been replaced at the front door by a semi circular verandah with a conical roof. The details of the intricate decorative woodwork over the upper windows have been tastefully restored. Street View only Click here to show map location

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