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Tour Title Uptown Waterloo Walking Tour
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Dupont and Albert Street.JPG 12 Dupont Street West, Market Hotel From this corner, as you look across Albert St., Dupont St. jogs slightly to the right past the orange brick building at number twelve Dupont St. on the northeast corner of Dupont and Albert. This building was originally known as the Market Hotel and was built in the 1850s in the Georgian Mennonite Style. The actual market was located in the Town Hall basement and later in the Market Hall, which was built in 1910 right about where you’re standing right now. The stables and driving shed were located at the back part of the building. After numerous owners, the John Forsyth Company took over and made shirts, pajamas and underwear here. This designated building was most recently the home of the New Canadian Program, which helped many newcomers to Canada find employment. As you look at the buildings on the tour, you might ask yourself, “if these walls could talk, what tales might they tell?” I had the chance to hear some of the amazing stories that just a few of the recent newcomers to Canada and Waterloo were able to share and I’ll never forget hearing about the challenges that some of these people had to face.   Click here to show map location

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