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Common Name Goderich Public Library
Municipal Address 52 Montreal St.

Building Demolished No
Postal Code N7A 2G4
Local Municipality Goderich
Province Ontario
Construction Date 1903
Type of Recognition Municipal Register, Individual Designation of Property
(Municipal), Heritage Conservation District
(Municipal), Plaque
Building Historic Use Leisure Library
Building Current Use Leisure Library
Building Form
Massing Units Single Detached Single Detached
Plan     Other
Wings Either Side Either Side
Storeys 2 1/2 2 1/2
Main Exterior Wall
Basement / Foundation Wall Material Stone Stone
Stone Rock-Faced /Rusticated Rock-Faced /Rusticated
Brick Stretcher Bond Stretcher Bond
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Photo 2009 new entrance door
Photo 2009 new entrance door

Photo 2009 Square Tower
Photo 2009 Square Tower

Photo 2012 Old entrance and windows
Photo 2012 Old entrance and windows

Photo Library tower 2011
Photo Library tower 2011

Roof shape and Detail
Roof Type Gable Gable
Roof Trim - Eaves Plain Plain
Roof Trim - Verges Plain Plain
Towers, Steeples, Domes Tower Tower
Dormers Returned Eaves or Pediment Returned Eaves or Pediment
Typical Window
Structural Opening Semicircular Semicircular
Sash Arrangement Double-Hung Double-Hung
Special Pane Arrangment - Double-Hung 1/1 1/1
Main Entrance
Location Off-Centre (facade) Off-Centre (facade)
Structural Opening Flat Flat
Entrance Special Features Side-Lights Side-Lights
Entrance Stair Ground Floor Ground Floor
Main Porch Recess Recess
Architect Joseph Ades Fowler
Notes on the Design or Physical Value --1900, 1981, 458). Their partnership was dissolved in August of 1872 and Fowler began a practice under his own name. During 1874-'s Presbyterian Church in Toronto, '...every detail of which was prepared by him during Mr. Storm's illness'[Toronto], 1891-92, 128; R.I.B.A., Directory of British Architects 1834-[Toronto], 22 June 1875, 4, descrip.; Globe [Toronto], 20 Aug. 1875, 4, descrip.)
BLOOR STREET WEST, residence for Col. William S. Durie, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
MONCK STREET, row of five houses for Charles Powell, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
SUMACH STREET, at Beech Street, two houses for Edward Taylor, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
BELLWOODS AVENUE, near Dundas Street West, residence for M.H. Fowler, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
SPADINA AVENUE, at Cecil Street, a block of nine houses for an unnamed owner, 1878 (Globe [Toronto], 10 April 1878, 3, t.c.)
QUEEN STREET WEST, west of Euclid Avenue, commercial block of six stores, 1881 (Telegram [Toronto], 2 April 1881, 2, t.c.)
BROCKTON TOWN HALL, Dundas Street West at Brock Avenue, 1881 (Globe [Toronto], 27 Aug. 1881, 8, t.c.)
DRAPER STREET, row of fourteen semi-detached houses, 1881 (Telegram [Toronto], 3 Sept. 1881, 5, t.c.)
BALDWIN STREET, near Huron Street, row of five houses for Richard & Winchester (Toronto b.p. 39, 6 March 1882)
McCAUL STREET, pair of houses for William Pudifin, 1882 (Toronto b.p. 94, 31 May 1882)
JOHN ABELL CO., Queen Street West at Abell Street, factory and row of worker's housing on Abell Street, 1882 (Globe [Toronto], 28 June 1882, 5, t.c.; Mail [Toronto], 23 Aug. 1882, 8, descrip.)
ST. HELEN'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Dundas Street West near Brock Street, 1882 (Telegram [Toronto], 7 Nov. 1882, 1, t.c.)
ROSE AVENUE, residence for George R. Baker, 1882 (Toronto b.p. 185, 25 Nov. 1882)
BROCK AVENUE SCHOOL, Brock Avenue at Margueretta Street, 1886 (Globe [Toronto], 26 May 1886, 6, t.c.)
DOVERCOURT VILLAGE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Hallam Street at Bartlett Avenue, 1887-88 (Telegram [Toronto], 30 April 1887, 3, t.c.; 13 June 1888, 2, t.c.; dwgs. at the Toronto Board of Education Archives)
PARKDALE TOWN HALL, Queen Street West at Cowan Avenue, 1887 (Globe [Toronto], 19 April 1887, 8; M. Laycock & B. Myrvold, Parkdale in Pictures, 1991, 50, illus.)
WEST TORONTO JUNCTION, Presbyterian Church, Ethel Avenue, 1888 (Telegram [Toronto], 30 June 1888, 2, t.c.)
DUNDAS STREET WEST, near Brock Avenue, residence, office and carriage house for Dr. John McConnell, 1888 (Toronto World, 19 July 1888, 2, t.c.)
WEST TORONTO JUNCTION, residence for R.W. Scarlett, Davenport Road, 1888 (Telegram [Toronto], 11 Aug. 1888, 7, t.c.)
STRATFORD, ONT., commercial block for the North Estate, 1889 (Architectural Era [Syracuse], iii, March 1889, 76)
QUEEN STREET WEST, at Peter Street, stores and flats for Thomas Crawford, 1889 (Architectural Era [Syracuse], iii, March 1889, 76)
TORONTO WATERWORKS HIGH LEVEL PUMPING STATION, Poplar Plains Road at McMaster Avenue, engine house and boiler house, 1889; enlargement and reconstruction of pumping station, 1890 (Globe [Toronto], 10 Aug. 1889, 16, t.c.; Toronto Daily News, 14 June 1890, 8, t.c.)
SHAW STREET, at Arthur Street, three houses for an unnamed client, 1889 (Telegram [Toronto]-95 (C.R., v, 8 Nov. 1894, 1, t.c.; Free Press [London], 9 Nov. 1895, 6, illus. & descrip.)
RONCESVALLES AVENUE, at Howard Park Avenue, residence for Alexander Mitchell, 1895 (Toronto b.p. 1842, 15 March 1895)
GULLET & SONS, Yonge Street near Charles Street West, showroom and sculptor'-98; addition, 1916 (Clinton New Era, 10 Sept. 1897, 8, descrip.; M. Beckman, The Best Gift, 1984, 95, illus.)
SEAFORTH, ONT., residence for Rev. P. McCabe, 1899 (Signal [Goderich]
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Reuben R. Sallows Gallery  Photo 2009
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Statement of Significance
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Group Goderich Municipality
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