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Common Name Château Laurier
Municipal Address 1 Rideau Street
Photos:Chateau Laurier Facade
Chateau Laurier Facade. © Melissa Davies 2014

Building Demolished No
Postal Code K1N8S7
Neighbourhood Downtown Ottawa
Local Municipality Ottawa
Province Ontario
Construction Date 1909-1912
Type of Recognition Municipal Register, National Historic Site
Building Historic Use Commerce/Commercial Services Hotel, Motel or Inn
Building Current Use Commerce/Commercial Services Hotel, Motel or Inn
Building Form
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Chateau Laurier from Peace Tower
Chateau Laurier from Peace Tower. © Melissa Davies 2014
An aerial view of the Chateau Laurier from the top of the Peace Tower.

Main Exterior Wall
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Chateau Laurier Detail
Chateau Laurier Detail. © Melissa Davies 2014

Roof shape and Detail
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Chateau Laurier Turret
Chateau Laurier Turret. © Melissa Davies 2014

Architect Bradford Lee Gilbert
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Chateau Laurier Plaque in Peace Tower
Chateau Laurier Plaque in Peace Tower
At the top of the Peace Tower, a plaque reads: "The Chateau Laurier opened its doors in 1912 and was considered by many to be the grandest hotel in the city. It was built in the manner of the French "chateau" (castle) by the Grand Trunk Railway Co. The hotel has many ties to Parliament, including serving as official residence to Prime Minister R.B. Bennett during the 1930s."

Statement of Significance
Date Designated 1981/01/15
Description of Property -20th-
Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest - it is a Château-style hotel, which is of national significance as an architectural type.
The Château Laurier, built between 1908 and 1912, was the first in a series of hotels constructed by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company (GTPR) to encourage tourists to travel its transcontinental routes. From Québec to Victoria, these Château-style hotels can be found near the railway stations in their urban environment, often in a dramatic location. The Château-
Character-Defining Elements - its romantic setting atop the banks of the Ottawa River and overlooking the Rideau Canal;
- its proximity to Parliament Hill and to other federal government buildings in the Ottawa downtown core;
- its irregular L-shaped plan;
- its elements which typify Château-style railway hotels, including its massive scale, irregular silhouette, steeply-pitched copper roofs, ornate gables and dormers, towers and turrets, high-quality materials, and dramatic setting;
- the smooth finish and pale tone of the exterior Indiana limestone walls, contrasting sharply with the ornate detailing above the eave-line;
- its symmetrical front façade, defined by two octagonal pavilions, vertically accented by a strip of oriel windows;
- its picturesque silhouette, created by a broad range of medieval detail, including turrets, machicolations, and finialed and crocketed gables;
- its whimsical and delicate corner tower, inset deep into the wall;
- its arcaded entrance loggia;
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