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Nom commun The Keefer Mansion
Adresse municipale 14 St. Davids St. West
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Building Demolished No
Code postale L2V 2K9
Juridiction locale Thorold
Province Ontario
Date de construction 1886
Type de reconnaissance Désignation individuelle d’un bien immobilier
Nom du projet Building Stories Podcast Series
Building Historic Use Residence Estate
Building Current Use Commerce/Commercial Services Hotel, Motel or Inn
Forme de la construction
Cummulation des unités Maison individuelle Maison individuelle
Étages Deux et demi Deux et demi
Mur extérieur principal
Maçonnerie de pierre     Autre
Maçonnerie de pierre autre Red Grimsby Sandstone and grey limestone from Queenston
Conception murale Angle du mur Angle du mur
Forme et détail du toit
Toiture Toit à deux croupes Toit à deux croupes
Avant toit Décoré Décoré
Bordure de pignon Décoré Décoré
Lucarnes Lucarne simple Lucarne simple
Cheminées 2 ou plus attachées 2 ou plus attachées, Couronnement décoratif Couronnement décoratif
Débord de toit- ornementation spéciale Faîtage orné Faîtage orné
Ouverture structurale Plat ou arqué Plat ou arqué
Détails structuraux et décoratifs Seuil en sailli Seuil en sailli
Entrée principale
Localisation Facade Facade
Ouverture structurale Arc pointu Arc pointu
Forme structurale ou décorative Dormant chantourné Dormant chantourné
Entrée- ornementation 2 Vantaux 2 Vantaux
Escaliers d’entrée Rez-de-chaussée Rez-de-chaussée
Véranda principal Fermé Fermé, Poteaux ou colonnes Poteaux ou colonnes
Détails de la propriété
Paysagement Jardin Jardin, Arbres/ boisé Arbres/ boisé
Style architectural
Architecte C.W.Mulligan
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Keefer Mansion Historic Photo
Keefer Mansion Historic Photo

Historique du propriétaire, Nom du propriétaire ou Détenteur corporatif Hugh Keefer 1886-1894
T.F. Paterson 1902-1903
John and Mary Jane Conlon 1904-1913
Charles Lee
Arthur Anderson
Pasquale Santarelli
Victor Weaver
Walter Windsor
John Wilson
Mary J. Brittain 1934
Florence Stevenson 1936
Helen Lohnes and Marguerit
Notes sur l’historique de la propriété 's walk feature.

The Mansion remained the home of the family for only 8 years. The Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company repossessed the Mansion in 1894 after John and Hugh Keefer’s dwindling fortunes could not cover the back property taxes.

The Mansion had several tenants from 1894 until 1904 (including T.F. Paterson 1902-1903) and was finally purchased by John and Mary Jane Conlon as a private residence in 1904. Mary Jane was the principal owner until 1913, when she then rented the property to Warren J. Curtis. Mr. Curtis was the general manager of the new Ontario Paper Company, sent to Thorold by the Chicago Tribune to build a new paper mill. Niagara Falls supplied an ideal source of low-cost power and the Welland Canal provided the waterways necessary to transport the paper.

The Mansion held several more tenants including owners of several local enterprises until 1934. Residents included names such as: Charles Lee, Arthur Anderson, Pasquale Santarelli, Victor Weaver, Walter Windsor, and John Wilson.

The Mansion was purchased by Mary J. Brittain (a nurse) for $10,500. Ms. Brittain and her family lived onsite while converting the rooms to accommodate a maternity hospital. In 1936, Mary lost the Mansion due to a default on the mortgage. The superintendent of the hospital; Florence Stevenson purchased the building at public auction for $3500 plus municipal taxes. The Mansion continued to operate as a minor surgery hospital (e.g. tonsils and babies). Triplets were born at this site in 1946. Helen Lohnes, a local nurse living in Port Dalhousie purchased the Mansion in 1953 along with a drug clerk, Marguerite Charron.

In 1973, Basil Griffis purchased Maplehurst from Lohnes and Charron and put forth an application to build a three-story addition to the property that would expand the original Mansion. After four years, the Thorold Historical Society lost the battle for conservation and in 1978; Mr. Griffis was given permission to convert the property. The addition however was never built, as the Ministry of Health eventually refused approval, citing a surplus of nursing home beds in St. Catharines/Thorold area.

Maplehurst, operated as a chronic care facility from 1974 until it closed in March 1999 as the result of a provincial consolidation of long term care hospital bed licenses. Mr. Griffis, unable to sell the property, applied for a demolition permit. Mayor Robin Davidson and the council of the day intervened, and purchased the building from Mr. Griffis after denying the permit.

In 2002 the City of Thorold entered into a long-
Sources The Keefer Mansion, Keefer Mansion Inc. http://www.keefermansion.com/content.php?pagename=History
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