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Common Name Doxcee House
Municipal Address 60 Bridge St South
Photos:60 Bridge STreet Facade
60 Bridge STreet Facade

Building Demolished No
Local Municipality Hastings
Province Ontario
Type of Recognition Historic Building or Structure
(no formal recognition), Municipal Register
Project Name Trent Hills Register
Building Historic Use Residence
Building Current Use Residence
Building Form
Massing Units Single Detached Single Detached
Plan Square/Rectangular Square/Rectangular
Wings None None
Storeys 2 1/2 2 1/2
Main Exterior Wall
Basement / Foundation Wall Material Stone Stone
Wood Structure Mortise & Tenon Frame Mortise & Tenon Frame
Wood Finish Clapboard Clapboard, Shingle Shingle
Roof shape and Detail
Roof Type Hip Hip
Roof Surface Material Asphalt Shingle Asphalt Shingle
Roof Trim - Eaves Plain Plain
Roof Trim - Verges Plain Plain
Towers, Steeples, Domes Tower Tower
Dormers Plain Gable Plain Gable
Chimneys Decorative Cap Decorative Cap
Typical Window
Structural Opening Flat Flat
Main Entrance
Location Off-Centre (facade) Off-Centre (facade)
Structural Opening Flat Flat
Entrance Special Features Decorative  Panel, Glazed or Moulded Decorative Panel, Glazed or Moulded
Entrance Stair Straight Straight
Main Porch Verandah Verandah
Property Features
Landscape Fence or Gate Fence or Gate
Architect Stanley Dennis of New York City
Sources Trent Hills Heritage Advisory Committee
Documents:Hastings Walking brochure sf 5-1 copy.pdf
Hastings Walking Tour. © Skye Morrison/ Des Conacher
Brochure of the Village of Hastings Walking Tour.

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