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Meeting Schedule

Heritage Burlington meets the second Tuesday of each month.

Agendas, minutes and meeting dates from January 2017 onward can be found on the City Meeting/Event Calendar.

To access agendas, minutes for Heritage Burlington, follow the below instructions:

1.    Visit burlington.ca/calendar

2.    To find HB and other citizen advisory committee meetings, filter your search in the Search Criteria section.

3.    Select "City Meetings" from the Calendar drop down menu.

4.    Select "Citizen Advisory Committee" from the Category drop down menu.

5.    You may choose to use the Start Date and End Date selections to refine your search.

6.    To find a specific citizen committee meeting, type the name of the committee in the

7.    Click Search to display the results.

8.    Click on the title of a particular meeting to view details of that meeting.


For other Heritage Events, please visit our HB events calendar