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Information for Burlington's Heritage Properties

What it Means…

Being a heritage property in Burlington means it is listed on Burlington’s Municipal Register. The Municipal Register list is maintained by the City Clerk and is considered Burlington’s official heritage list. The list contains two types of properties:

  1. Properties Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act
  2. Non-Designated Properties

1. Properties Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act

  • Are properties confirmed as having cultural heritage value
  • Are protected by a municipal by-law
  • Cannot be demolished or altered without Council approval (through a Heritage Permit process)
  • There are currently over 60 designated properties in Burlington

2. Non-Designated Properties

  • Are properties of cultural heritage value or interest
  • Property owners are required to give the city 60 days notice of their intention to demolish any structures on the property
  • Have no restrictions on alterations