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Heritage Planning

Conserving Burlington’s heritage is an important aspect of what makes Burlington one of Ontario’s best community to live, work and play. Our heritage resources provide a reminder of Burlington’s stories – our villages, our traditions and our beginnings. Heritage Planning staff administers all programs related to the conservation of Burlington’s cultural heritage resources and serves an advisory role for Council, Heritage Burlington and Burlington residents.

Heritage Planning in Burlington encompasses the following:

  • Directory of Heritage Properties
    Comprehensive collection of the city’s heritage resources including the city’s official Municipal Register and contains architectural and historical information about them
  • Information for Burlington Heritage Property Owners
    Information about what it means to be a heritage property, the levels of ‘heritage status’ and heritage processes
  • Heritage Permits
    Explanation about heritage permits and the heritage permit process, information about when a heritage permit is needed
  • Funding
    Information about Burlington’s Community Heritage Fun and new Heritage Property Tax Rebate program
  • Becoming a Heritage property
    Includes the definition of heritage sites as well as the process and benefits of becoming a heritage property
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions pertaining to all heritage conservation matters in the City of Burlington
  • Application Forms
    Information and application forms, sample agreements
  • Tools & Resources
    Additional information related to the conservation of heritage resources