Wiki Text Formatting

Text can be formatted using wiki markup. The following markup should be used:

Bold: Surround the text to be bolded by 3 single quotes on either side - e.g. '''Text to Bold'''
Italics: Surround the text to italicize by 2 single quotes on either side - e.g. ''Text to Italicize''

Headers: The system supports level 2, level 3 and level 4 headers. Level one headers are reserved for system use. To specify text as a header, surround the text on both sides by the number of equal signs equivalent to the level header - e.g. ==Level 2 Header==, ===Level 3 Header===, ====Level 4 Header====

Horizontal Lines: To add a horizontal line across the page, enter 4 dashes - e.g. ----

Tables: To enter data into a table, specify the beginning of the table using {| and the end using |}, each on a new line. A header cell should be specified by starting a line with an exclamation mark, followed by the header text. A normal table cell should be specified using a pipe on a new line, followed by the cell text. A new table row should be specified on a new line using a pipe followed by a dash.
! Column 1 Header
! Column 2 Header
| Row 1 Column 1
| Row 1 Column 2
| Row 2 Column 1
| Row 2 Column 2

Cancelling wiki markup: If you find the need to use some of the text used to specify markup within your values, and do NOT want it to be converted to the appropriate styling, surround the text by [nowiki][/nowiki] - e.g. [nowiki]do not '''bold''' this text[/nowiki]